Songs for film and TV

Push play to see a few examples of music composed for film and TV. Further credits are listed below.


Spitting Image (Avalon/Britbox)                                                                                                                                                             The Amazing Life of Gumball (Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network)
Monkey Dust (TalkBack Productions)
Big Train (TalkBack Productions/BBC2)
Armstrong & Miller (Absolutely Productions/Channel4)
Snow White the Sequel (Steve Walsh Productions/EastWest Distribution)
Border Café (Hartswood Films/BBC1)

The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole is formed by songwriters and and multi-instrumentalists Willie Dowling and Jon Poole. Their first album, ‘Bleak Strategies’, was released in 2014. It received critical acclaim including Mojo describing it as “A classic British rock album heavy on powerpop smarts 4/5”. Classic Rock magazine hailed the album as “one of the most gorgeously idiosyncratic records to emerge in years 9/10”.

The second album ‘One Hyde Park’ (released in 2016) is just as beguiling. It received excellent reviews, including: The Sun: “It’s a great pop rock record – don’t miss out.” 4.5 out of 5. Classic Rock: “A uniquely brilliant creation from a breezily talented pair” 9 out of 10. Powerplay Magazine: “Dowling and Poole continue to hit every button that matters; there has to be a place for beautiful music like this. One of the albums of this or any other year.” 10 out of 10.

The third album, ‘See You See Me’, see’s the duo once again explore a multitude of contemporary lyrical themes, often dark, occasionally political in nature, but balanced with bright and complex arrangements, sun-drenched harmonies and instant hooks. ‘See You See Me’ is available to purchase directly from the band, via digital platforms and in record stores. 

Glorious reviews – ‘See You See Me’

“Made In Heaven” and “Keeping The Stupid Stupid” about the state of our political mess is right on the nose”. “Highly Recommended (unless you are a Trump fan.)” 8 out of 10 /Powerpopaholic

“If you wish to experience joy unconfined, and Lord knows we could all use a bit, The Dowling Poole continue to be a reliable two-man lemonade enema”. “There’s much evidence that there are poetic souls at work.” /Dom Lawson, Prog magazine

“The Dowling Poole keep it gleaming until you unearth the horrors in the lyrics. It’s like wading into the shallows until someone shouts ‘shark’!” /Phil Wilding, Classic Rock

“The Dowling Poole is a UK power-pop duo whose third album is heavily influenced by the current political climate. They expertly blend catchy melodies with insightful lyrics. /Ongoing History of Protest Songs

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